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ESD Boot Camp Provides Insights on Intelligent Buildings

ESD has been an internationally recognized leader in the development of Intelligent Buildings for years. On November 30, ESD Intelligent Building experts shared their well-honed insights.

A large group of facility managers, operating engineers and others boosted their understanding of building technologies and learned how to create competitive advantage during ESD’s Fall 2016 Intelligent Building Boot Camp in Chicago.

ESD speakers Kurt Karnatz, Rob Knight, Rick Szcodronski, Nicholas Lawrence, Steven Brown and James Vallort covered key topics, such as:

  • What is an Intelligent Building and what are the possibilities
  • How to start your Intelligent Building journey
  • How to develop a strategic vision that creates competitive advantage
  • How to develop a business case and finance an Intelligent Building initiative
  • How the Internet of Things, data and analytics affect your building’s operations, management and occupants
  • How Intelligent Buildings save money, retain tenants and increase asset value
  • How to create a roadmap for your Intelligent Building initiative

“Helping real-estate professionals navigate through the maze of Intelligent-Building options is central to the services we provide our clients,” said Karnatz, who has given numerous presentations at major conferences about Intelligent Buildings across the United States. “Training our clients in intensive boot camps like this positions them to create competitive advantage for their organizations.”

ESD’s embrace of Intelligent Buildings continues to fulfill the company’s mission of Improving Society Through the Built Environment.