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Dynamic ESD Duo Has Georgia on Their Mind

Oftentimes one ESD speaker will regale audiences at high-profile events. But at the 2017 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference in Atlanta on Wednesday, September 27, two will appear – and showcase their expertise on quite different topics.

Jim Vallort will kick off the conference as its keynote speaker. He will present “Intelligent Buildings – Technology Is Changing What Is Possible in the Built Environment,” where he’ll describe what an Intelligent Building is and how stakeholders can put their buildings on its path. Vallort is part of ESD’s Intelligent Building Practice, created earlier this year.

Later that day, Ken Griffin will present “Influencing Design: Analytical Energy Modeling in Early Design Phases.” He will review case studies of energy modeling techniques for complex facades and how the energy analysis of these buildings can be applied in the early design phases and the associated impact the analysis can have on the future of the project.