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Data Center Trends are Like the Neckties in My Closet

I have seen a lot of trends in the data center industry, but none better than getting rid of the necktie. Twenty years ago, we were very much a ?suit-and-tie? industry. Overtime I have watched us migrate to business casual. In many cases, I can even wear my Deadmau5 t-shirt! I think the only occasion I wear a tie these days is at our ESD Company Holiday Event. Since the event is just around the corner, I thought I would look into my closet and see which of my old ties is in fashion. Here?s what I found:

The Paisley Tie
A true blue engineering tie for any occasion. Recently, ESD did a consolidation of 13 data centers into one 16K sf data center. The basis of design outlined 50% of the racks designed at 12-18kW per rack and 50% designed to 30kW per rack. In our analysis, we identified 30kW can be cooled through cold isle containment, and we did not need to bring chilled water to the rack. But let?s say we did ?isn?t that a mainframe from the early 90?s?

The Skinny Tie
Somewhat in fashion for people like Bill Maher. If I think about the data center industry and the skinny tie, I think of the latest trend of ?Modular Data Centers.? Many of the modular manufacturers promote building out the support system infrastructure and then installing contained modular systems on the raised floor. Sometimes they put the containers in a warehouse or even outside. Isn?t modular just another name for ?Scalable Design? like we promoted in the early 90?s?

The 90?s Hermes Tie
Speaking of containers, did you read my ?Just Because You Can, Doesn?t Mean You Should? Blog? The first container was designed by Comdisco and called COMROC back in the early 90?s, but now it seems to be the latest trend. It reminds me of the Hermes tie selling for $300 a tie, and not very practical. The 80??s Tie ? typically made of knit, flat on the bottom, and one of my favorites- just like the ?Cloud?. So tell me, if I don?t need a workstation and I have my monitor and keyboard?isn?t that a WYSE TERMINCAL CONNECTED TO A MAINFRAME? In the early to mid-80?s, people would sit at a terminal and work. They never knew where their data application was being housed or stored. It was stored in the magical data center where nobody knew where it was or ever went. And if the cloud processor has virtualization, is processing at a load of over 30kW per rack, and I need to bring chilled water to it?that makes the case even stronger!

As I rummage through my tie rack, I see the tie I want to wear to my Holiday Party! The Invisible Bow Tie.