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Cyberattack Vulnerability: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

Recent world events have put U.S. companies on heightened alert for potential cyber-attacks. How vulnerable is your organization to malicious hackers, ransomware, and lost data?

The Biden administration is warning companies to increase their internet security in preparation for a potential cyberattack in response to recent U.S. sanctions against the country. While the issue is taking center stage on the geopolitical scene, ESD Cybersecurity Practice Leader Bryan Bennett says the dangers are not new. That is why ESD is offering a free vulnerability scan to identify network security gaps that can be addressed before criminals exploit them. Bennett says using a trusted, third-party consultant to conduct this type of analysis is the best way to uncover vulnerabilities.

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Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, Bennett says organizations can begin prioritizing and planning the necessary remediation requirements. He says conducting network vulnerability scans on a frequent regular schedule will help find the most current vulnerabilities as they are revealed.

To find out if your company qualifies for this free basic network vulnerability scan, contact FreeScan@esdglobal.com.

Bryan Bennett has been evangelizing for better IT security strategies for over a quarter-century. His mission to protect organizations from the financial, reputational, and individual costs associated with cybercrimes fits well with ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Contact the ESD Cybersecurity team to find out more about the cybersecurity and building automation solutions we can offer.

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