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Creating Our Future Leaders

Every summer, students from various schools across the country arrive at ESD to work as interns.  They dig in on special projects and assist with different disciplines.

The core of our program is the interns’ work on our projects.  In addition, we provide them with training presentations from all areas of our organization, topics ranging from Revit to design fundamentals to the safety training required for engineers visiting construction sites. Before returning to school or other pursuits, the interns offer compelling presentations that often include ways to improve practices at ESD. 

Having a robust Summer Intern program exposes our engineers to new concepts and ideas.  It also allows our engineers to identify the fundamentals needed to be successful when training a new hire. 

Speaking of which, since we implemented our Summer Intern program, we have not only seen it grow — we have made a number of full-time hires.  Just last year, we brought on board five former summer interns to engineering roles.

From strengthening our level of innovation to creating potential full-time employees who are already well-known in the company, our Summer Intern program benefits our organization in many ways.