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Contributions Are Recognized

ESD always enjoys promoting from within.

This year, 42 employees moved up at the firm:

Victor Abreu—BIM Manager
Yvette Anguiano—Engineer
Tiffany Barker—Senior Project Manager
Reymundo Bernardino—Senior Project Engineer
Jason Blackford—IT System Administrator
Melissa Bryce—Project Staff Accountant
Pape Cisse—Engineer
Dylan Connell—Engineer
Eric Dierberger—Senior Information and Communications Technology Consultant
John Doyle—Senior AV Consultant
Steve Flinn—Studio Leader
Tucker Fox—Engineer
Peter Gabrek—Project Engineer
Zachary Gardina—Project Engineer
James Gronek—Operations Director
Rebekah Hardy—Knowledge Coordinator
Jasen Howard—Operations Director
Sankesh Jitendra Jain—Project Engineer
Mehdi Jalayerian—Senior Managing Director
Ajay Johnson—Engineer
Yogesh Karwal—Engineer
Sabhya Katia—Engineer
Beatriz Licona—Engineer
Monique Lindquist—Studio Leader
Joseph Lloyd—Senior Project Manager
Kylie Lo—Senior Project Manager
Kelly Loch—Senior Project Manager
Aaron Lockwood—Senior Information Systems Security Manager
Karanbir Malhi—Engineer
Alyssa Matlock—Engineer
Kim Merkel—Senior Project Manager
Frank Moccio—Studio Leader
John Nieman—Technical Authority
Saagar Patel—Operations Director
Keith Seier—Senior Managing Director
Rishi Shah—Senior Project Manager
Ricky Shields—BIM Coordinator
Sivanesan Thirumaran—Engineer
Nina Townley—Project Manager
Tony Unbehaun—Senior Project Engineer
Rahul Wadhwani—Engineer
Steven Wuthrich—Engineer

Congratulations to all!

Our Mission is to Improve Society Through the Built Environment.

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