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Companies Who Relocate Turn to ESD

Companies need to attract talent, and young people are lured by the many attractions of cities. That helps explain why many of the biggest firms in the United States are fleeing sprawling suburban campuses for urban downtowns.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chicago has enjoyed “the biggest corporate relocation rental binge” of any U.S. city, as Fortune 500 companies from Kraft Heinz to Motorola Mobility have left the suburbs. And ESD has played a major role designing their new downtown space.

ESD saved Kraft Heinz six figures in costs when it moved to the Aon Center from Northfield. Thanks to thorough discovery and forensics, ESD was able to deploy the base building return air system, though the density of the space given the number of workers could have required additional ventilation and cooling. For Motorola Mobility, ESD provided critical stewardship to consolidate its existing electronics and test lab space by approximately 50% in the new Merchandise Mart location.

Companies are coming from afar as well. Hickory Farms left Toledo after 65 years to head to Chicago’s Loop, where ESD provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection services for the firm’s office space.

“We had to be in a city where we could attract talent,” Diane Pearse, chief executive of food company Hickory Farms LLC, told The Wall Street Journal. “Staying in Toledo was just not an option.”

ESD started 50 years ago in Chicago and now also features offices in Dallas, San Francisco, and Abu Dhabi. Our expertise in helping firms make the most of new office space around the globe is top of the line.