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Commercial Real Estate Faces Many Changes in New Era

What will change in the world of commercial real estate as we return to work in the built environment?

Indoor air quality will be one important area to address, said ESD Executive Chairman Raj Gupta during a panel on the “Real Estate in a Post COVID-19 World” webinar hosted by REJournals on April 23.

Gupta outlined several steps landlords should take before tenants reoccupy their spaces. Also, he advocated recommissioning the HVAC system to ensure key components function properly and work together.

Gupta described advanced measures such as increased outside air, enhanced air filtration, humidity control, and smart sensors.

“Tenants have a heightened concern about their health indoors and want assurances the building systems are operated correctly,” according to Gupta. “And proactive landlords are taking steps to improve their HVAC systems.”

Gupta believes the trend of companies having a distributed workforce will accelerate in the post COVID-19 world and described the lessons learned when ESD embarked on that mission three years ago.

More information about the panel and the panelists can be found here