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Cloning Data Centers Cuts Costs

By 2022, the global data center construction market is expected to reach $73 billion. Sites often support more than one data center. From a number of perspectives, cloning data centers is the best approach when expanding.

For builders, they know where everything goes – where the cables should run, for example – and they benefit from the fact that the bugs from the first data center have been worked out.

For the commissioning team, members can walk in and already know, for instance, that on the left side there are going to be ATS, 8-12.

For the end users, they don’t have to get trained on multiple pieces of equipment. Even if there are 20 clusters, they can get trained on one cluster, and they’ll know the other 19.

But the big winnings come in cost reductions. Cloning data centers:

  1. Reduces building expenses because you can be more precise with building materials.
  2. Reduces maintenance costs, operations and parts.
  3. Reduces the need for extra staff members to be trained in different gear and equipment.
  4. Reduces the cost of the design of the facility because you can use the original design.

ESD is a big player in the data-center space, and it is also a go-to company in the mergers-and-acquisitions market in data centers. Cloning data centers is one way ESD can help clients save money.