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Chiller Design Eliminates Inefficiencies and Provides More Reliable Operations

Data Realty in Ignition Park, South Bend, IN, is a green field colocation data center with a unique chiller design which eliminates the inefficiencies associated with multiple forms of heat and energy transfer and provides for reliable operation during cold winter months. Data Realty’s central utility plant design matches 250 ton Smardt chillers to serve each 750 kW data center module. The chillers feature multiple Turbocor oil-less compressors and are each tied to a dedicated refrigerant management pump and remote evaporative-cooled condenser. The chillers do not utilize a condenser water system. Instead, the compressor hot gas discharge is sent directly to an evaporative condenser in an adjacent equipment yard where heat is rejected to the outdoors. Liquid refrigerant condenses out of the coil and is returned to a receiver and pumped through the evaporator barrel. The refrigerant management pump allows for increased hours of free cooling and lower part-load kW/Ton, all while eliminating large condenser water pumps, piping, and heat exchangers. Eliminating the condenser water system results in lower overall PUE, less equipment with associated cost and maintenance, lighter structure, smaller equipment footprint, and a quicker construction.

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