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Brown Walks Attendees Through Smart Buildings Summit

ESD Practice Leader for Automation Steve Brown recently shared insights on what goes into creating an intelligent building with the latest connected systems, sensors, and safeguards.

Brown presented “5 Steps on the Road to Smart Buildings,” as part of the FacilitiesNet “Smart Buildings Summit: Using Technology to Advance Your Buildings” event held in June. According to Brown, a complete roadmap to creating an intelligent building includes:

  • Assessment
  • Master Planning
  • Prioritization
  • Application
  • Design

If you are planning to integrate building systems into your facility, Brown says advanced coordination is important, especially with new building design and construction.

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Brown says technologies should be researched in-depth and reviewed for their compatibility with the master plan, and most importantly, their ability to provide the intelligent integration they claim. As with any industry breakthrough, Brown warns there are products that claim to be intelligent-building-ready but in reality, are not.

Steve Brown freely shares his industry expertise and knowledge at events such as this in support of ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

For more information about how ESD can help with building automation systems (BAS) and other smart building technology, reach out to our Automation team.

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