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Brehm Offers View on Electric Vehicle Planning

ESD Senior Commissioning Authority Aleksandr Brehm was featured in a recent article focused on electric vehicle planning for FacilitiesNet magazine.

Brehm shared his expertise during an interview for “What to Consider When Developing an Electric Vehicle Plan.” As the electric vehicle (EV) market continues to grow, building owners and operators are being challenged to keep up with new demands. In the article, Brehm explains there are three levels of electric chargers—but only two that will be useful to facilities. According to Brehm, Types 2 and 3 are generally considered “fast chargers” that offer a vehicle range of about 100 miles.

Brehm says “For a building maintenance technician, a Type 2 charger might be sufficient by allowing a full charge after hours, or to keep the vehicle topped off while on a service call at a facility.”

Brehm also says Type 2 charges could prove to be a compelling employee perk to lure people back to a post-pandemic office setting.

The article also discusses budget challenges facilities could face when adjusting to a more electric culture and the overall impact the EV movement is having on the industry.

Aleks Brehm freely shares his knowledge and expertise with industry publications as part of ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

Reach out to ESD’s experts for more information on building automation and electrification as well as commissioning.

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