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Bond Vet Continues to Grow with ESD

Tech-forward company opens three new locations in New York City to make pet health care easier.

ESD is proud to play a part in Bond Vet’s recent growth. The New York City-based veterinary service has a business model somewhere between an emergency room and a primary care physician for pets. Bond Vet continues to develop new animal hospitals focusing on urgent care and wellness exams throughout the city with plans to expand throughout the East Coast.

Ryann Menges, Operations Director for ESD’s New York office, cites the most recent clinic opening is in Hell’s Kitchen, with two more locations to open this month in StuyTown and Kips Bay. These locations are in addition to five others where we’ve provided services. Menges says the key to successful launches is understanding and addressing the specific needs and concerns of both the client and building owners.


By converting existing commercial retail spaces, ESD has helped Bond Vet develop facilities with specialized exam rooms, treatment areas, staff offices, surgery rooms, radiology rooms, unisex restrooms, and reception lobbies. Examples of unique design features include a waste anesthesia scavenger exhaust system and the specially manufactured and installed examination tables to keep pet parents close during visits and procedures, whenever possible.

Ethan Gould, Senior Project Engineer and Bond Vet’s project manager, says each new site presents unique challenges. Landlord involvement and provided building services can vary broadly across sites. The ESD team participates in early lease reviews to set up more successful interactions with landlords. This close collaboration helps facilitate speedy lease executions.

ESD’s dedicated and deliberate collaboration as well as the tremendous value ESD has brought to each project has helped establish a strong partnership with Bond Vet.

Respect everyone. Work hard. Play to win. Ryann Menges and Ethan Gould bring these company values to every project with their passion to meet clients’ needs customizing their approach to projects based on their inclinations.

Are you turning a retail space into a health services clinic? Reach out to Ryann or Ethan to ensure the unique space and infrastructure needs for day-to-day operations will be met.