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The January meeting of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Chicago Chapter will feature a presentation on scald prevention due to the industry’s shift away from low-temperature hot water distribution.

ESD Technical Director for Plumbing Engineering James Dipping says hotter water can kill water-borne pathogens in the system but can create other problems in return. Dipping’s presentation, “Hot Water Distribution Temperatures, Legionella Control & the Need for Enhanced Scald Prevention Tactics,” will focus on how greater attention must be paid to scald prevention tactics due to increases in distribution and recirculation temperatures, and fixture applications to avoid the danger of scalding. He says this will require professionals to have a better understanding of ASSE-rated devices. Dipping’s talk will outline the need for engineers to have familiarity with the rating, applications, and best practices associated with protecting the public from scalding.

Registration for the monthly meeting is open and will feature a new venue for the group: Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard, Illinois.

James Dipping brings more than two decades of experience to his role as technical director, plumbing engineering, and freely shares his knowledge at these types of professional events as part of furthering ESD’s mission to improve society through the built environment.

For more information on how plumbing engineering may impact health care, mission critical, and other facilities, reach out to James.