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Are You Up to Speed on LEED?

ESD has worked on a sizable amount of LEED-certified projects. Beginning November 1, a new LEED rating system will be implemented — and ESD played a role in its creation.

Aliza Skolnik collaborated with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) on writing the Enhanced Commissioning credit for LEED v4, which will become the rating system for all new LEED projects registered in LEED Online on November 1. The key differences in Enhanced Commissioning between LEED v3 (also known as LEED v2009) and LEEDv4 are that v4 includes additional monitoring-based procedures and Envelope Commissioning for additional points. ESD is excited about the increased opportunities LEED v4 Enhanced Commissioning provides, and it is capable of performing all of the services.

Any company currently targeting LEED v3 (v2009) credit criteria should consider registering its project in LEED Online by October 31 to capture the sunset date. As a Silver Level Member with USGBC, ESD has access to discounted pricing for LEED registration and review fees on new projects.