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Amazon in Chicago Would Be Boon to Many

Based in Seattle, online giant Amazon is ready to create a second corporate headquarters somewhere else in the United States. Chicago – home of ESD’s own corporate headquarters – is considered to be a strong candidate, given the city is already a home to many Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, offers extensive public transportation and possesses numerous other benefits.

The second headquarters is expected to bring 50,000 jobs, providing an economic windfall to whatever city it lands in. In Chicago, The Old Post Office, a massive space which has been unused for years, is considered a possible location for such a large number of workers.

ESD possesses a solid understanding of what industries need and require for large-scale headquarters. Its range of engineering services – including mechanical, electrical and plumbing – were engaged recently for a slew of corporate headquarters for major U.S. companies, including United Airlines, Motorola Mobility and Kraft. Embracing the opportunity to help companies make the most of new space is another way ESD is Improving Society Through the Built Environment.

Executive Chairman Raj Gupta and Chief Executive Officer Zac House are part of the committee tasked to help bring Amazon’s second headquarters to Chicago. They will do all they can to help bring this important company and its jobs to the Windy City.