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A Firm with ESD Ties, COHESION, Debuts in The John Buck Company Building

COHESION, an intelligent building software company, announced its launch in The John Buck Company’s 155 North Wacker skyscraper in downtown Chicago this week. 

COHESION’s comprehensive, IoT-enabled platform unites building workflows to enhance tenant experiences, while generating actionable insights for owners and operators to increase building value. 

COHESION was spun out of ESD in August 2018 as an independent technology firm. 

“We are excited about the launch of COHESION,” said Raj Gupta, executive chairman of ESD. “We have been talking with real estate owners and operators for years about how their portfolios require more sophisticated technology to maximize asset value.  We believe COHESION’s technology is capable of addressing these demands today and in the future.”

To learn more, visit cohesionib.com.