Workplace Solutions 

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, individuals work an average of 8.8 hours per day – and this number may seem low to the millions arriving to their workplace early, late, or over weekends. As technology enables new workplace strategies such as free addressing, hoteling, and working from home, the concept of a common workplace and time is changing in many industries. Throughout the world, the amount of time people spend at work varies, yet companies competing on a global scale are looking to maximize productivity and efficiency. Their workplaces are one component of their competitive business strategies.

ESD offers in-depth knowledge for companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage where workplace influences their business performance. Our team is organized to provide their expertise for corporations, building owners and operators, clinical care systems, and the high-tech industry. From pre-lease review through building re-positioning or updating, ESD’s team offers value for the global workplace.

Corporate Enterprise

Fortune 500 corporations, professional services firms, and start-up incubators seek to maximize the return from their investments allocated to their office space. As the workplace evolves, our team focuses on developing fit-for-purpose and flexible solutions to foster collaboration, productivity, and innovation for some of the most recognized companies and organizations throughout the world.


High-frequency trading, high-density customer service call center operations, emergency operations centers, and logistics operations centers are examples of workplaces requiring a greater emphasis on the integration of infrastructure systems within their space. The activities taking place are of a critical nature and the infrastructure is often integrated into furniture for productivity and flexibility. Our high-tech workplace team understands the technology and infrastructure integration and interdependencies required for driving high-tech company scalability while providing resiliency, reliability, and flexibility for their office space.

Clinical Care

Demographic shifts, economic pressures, and technological advances are dramatically impacting the delivery of healthcare services. As healthcare organizations consolidate and align facilities with their mission and business objectives for patient care and wellness, more care is being provided beyond the main medical campus through clinical care in a variety of building types including office and retail. Our experience and knowledge of healthcare infrastructure and technology drivers enables healthcare systems to qualify and then adapt office or retail buildings for clinical care functions.