PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) Studio

The PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) Studio plans, designs, implements and manages energy-systems performance and decarbonization plans for corporations, universities, and other entities as well as infrastructure projects for cities, states and governments worldwide. We create efficient, environmentally sensitive and financially sound solutions for our clients.

Our team of engineers have been responsible for the MEP design and implementation for many of the world’s tallest and energy-efficient building projects, such as Wuhan Greenland Center and Jeddah Tower.

ESD acquired PEP in 2016. About a dozen employees from the firm started by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) transitioned into ESD’s High Performance Building group, led by Mehdi Jalayerian.

This integration meshes perfectly with ESD’s mission of Improving Society Through the Built Environment and strengthens our long relationship with AS+GG to deliver integrated services throughout the global markets.

PEP Studio provides integrated MEP/FP and Technology services in the following areas:

Urban Ecologies

Working with local, regional and national organizations and governments to establish decarbonization plans and new framework for today’s cities.

New Buildings

Working closely with clients to identify the right systems for buildings, providing services ranging from conceptual design to building support and post-construction consultations.

Existing Buildings

Providing clients with the design of replacement systems for existing buildings to help reduce operating costs, increase performance, improve building health, reduce carbon emissions and extend building life.

Clean Technology

Providing advanced modeling and simulation of energy, heat, water, air, light and radiation to help understand challenges and solutions.