Confidential Fortune 500 Retail Client

Corporate Headquarters Data Center

ESD’s involvement with the client began in 2014 with an assessment of its data-center facilities. During this process, it was determined that a large portion of the data center’s electrical and mechanical equipment was reaching the end of its effective lifespan, and ESD was asked to perform a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison between retrofitting the existing data center, building and managing a new data center offsite or moving equipment to a collocation facility. The TCO engagement included a forecast to help determine when their data centers would risk exceeding their electrical power capacity.

ESD’s Technology Consulting Group followed the TCO comparison with a further review of the client’s data center migration options, identifying migration strategies and developing plans for implementation to help them understand all of the components involved in migration. This effort considered each of their on- and off-premise data center options in relation to how they will affect the company’s IT environment as a whole - including servers, storage, network platforms, and equipment.

As the client considers all of the options available for housing their critical technology systems, ESD is a partner in helping them best align their IT strategy with their resources and facilities.