QTS Data Center

Chicago, Illinois

ESD was originally obtained by a real estate advisory firm to evaluate whether the former Sun-Times printing-press facility would be suitable for a high power density and efficient data center. The former printing and distribution center was deemed suitable for the repurpose due to its large open spaces and high structural rating.

The “spine” or middle of the building (previously used to hold the building’s printing presses) is well-suited to support data center electrical equipment and is positioned for efficient power distribution to the critical spaces along the building’s wings. Long haul and metro fiber rings are easily accessible from the site due to its proximity to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). High-power capacity fed from different utility company substations is already on site; additional power can be made available quickly due to the sites proximity to multiple utility company substations.

Following the evaluation, ESD partnered with QTS, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing providers of data center facilities and cloud services, to redevelop the facility into a data center. QTS now has significant capacity to provide their 3C product platform of custom data center colocation and cloud and managed services from this location.