Masdar Headquarters

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Masdar Headquarters was designed to be the first positive energy facility in the Middle East. ESD incorporated:

  • Concepts of indoor climate control (specific to the desert region)
  • Photovoltaic panels that maximize air movement and shading
  • Towering wind cones that exhaust warm air out
  • Underfloor Air Distribution system used for HVAC
  • Rainwater collection/grey water recycling to maximize water conservation

The Underfloor Air Distribution system used for the HVAC system reduces energy utilization due to the natural air buoyancy created by convection propelled vertical air movement. Since wet-bulb design temperatures intrinsic to the region are extremely high, special attention was given to the sizing of cool coils, as well as to the desiccant energy recovery ventilation system providing dry, conditioned air.

The technology system was designed as IP based and for a high level of Building Systems Integration to maximize efficiency and flexibility, which reduces the need for redundant systems throughout the facility.