United Airlines - Airport Clubs

Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco

United Airlines offers its United Club members an upscale, sophisticated environment as they wait for flights. These airport lounges offer travel assistance, Wi-Fi, and complementary beverages and snacks away from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminals.

United Airlines wanted to create a more comfortable environment for their club members while maintaining a luxurious and modern aesthetic. Starting with their O'Hare International Airport lounge in Chicago, Illinois, they hired ESD to provide MEP/FP design services for these upgrades. We

designed lighting, plumbing, and mechanical systems with stainless steel and recessed components – including sprinkler heads, convector covers, and flushing mechanisms – to seamlessly integrate into the interior design. A new lighting system was designed using LED lights and DALI Ballast technology so that each light fixture is individually controlled. This system is fully automated and adjusts lighting levels throughout the day according to occupancy and amount of sunlight, allowing for optimal levels of natural light while conserving as much energy as possible. United is also using the new lighting system to accent specific amenities at various times of the day, such as lighting the bar during the evening.

Our design for the O'Hare United Club led to similar project for the Seattle and San Francisco airport clubs.