Atria Senior Living

Various Locations Throughout the United States of America

Atria Senior Living, one of the US’s leading providers of independent, supportive, and assisted living, is currently working to improve sustainability and the environmental impact of their communities with green initiatives such as: energy-efficient lighting and appliances, water-efficiency, and ENERGY STAR certification.

ESD is providing Atria Senior Living with consulting benchmarking services to help them obtain ENERGY STAR certification and create a plan to further reduce their operating costs and energy consumption. Our high-level energy audits include on-site evaluations of their thermal comfort, ventilation, and lighting standards. We then help them determine various energy conservation measures for their mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment and controls, along with recommendations for improving their building envelopes.

This project began with just a few of Atria’s facilities in California and has expanded to over 25 properties across the nation.