Veterinary Teaching Hospital

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The teaching hospital services domestic and agricultural animals. Their advanced surgery theaters require significant amounts of fresh outside air for ventilation, making them highly energy intensive. However, the surrounding agricultural environment coupled with an antiquated, inefficient ventilation system contributed to a high frequency of air flow disruption in the surgical rooms.

ESD designed a new exhaust system for the facility. Since the risk of cross-contamination from exhaust air into the supply air stream prohibited applying total energy recovery wheels to the laboratory, we developed an innovative air flow system utilizing selective absorption to prevent cross-contamination.

Operating costs associated with conditioning the 115,000 cfm of outdoor air at the hospital will be reduced by approximately $437,500 annually due to the new system. The university’s cumulative energy savings is project to exceed the combined cost of the air handling systems and energy recovery addition within the first two years of operation.