330 North Wabash Tower (AMA Plaza)

Chicago, Illinois

Formerly known as IBM Plaza, one of the last buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe, 330 North Wabash was losing tenants (including IBM in 2006) and fell to approximately 47% occupancy by 2009. Prime Group Realty Trust began repositioning the 52-story high rise through phased upgrades, including new and more efficient building systems, to attract and retain high-quality tenants. Improvements made to the building spanned from mechanical system and electrical distribution upgrades for the tenant office floors to a redevelopment of the executive parking garage, a fire alarm retrofit, a new café and fitness center, and an elevator modernization.

Improvements to the building’s mechanical systems included:

  • A retrofit from the legacy high pressure perimeter induction / constant volume with reheat interior system to an efficient VAV with perimeter reheat system
  • A retrofit of the existing interior air handlers and hot water and chilled water hydronic pumping system to include variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • The consolidation of the existing electric steam boiler system into a new central system with gas-fired condensing boilers and new variable speed pumping distribution

An energy efficient light solution was also provided for the existing lobby level lighting. The improvements reduce the cost and overall energy use of the building and include specialty lighting controls and dimming systems. Over 400 internal and external light fixtures were replaced, over 30 Lutron dimming panels were installed, and photo sensors were installed in the interior lobby.

The repositioning of 330 North Wabash allowed Prime Group Realty Trust to change lower floor use to a Langham Hotel and attract high-quality tenants to improve occupancy from 47% to 96% over a five-year period.