900 North Kingsbury / 600 West Chicago Building

Chicago, Illinois

Originally, this former warehouse was converted into a high-tech, commercial office, and telecom switching center. Our system development for this design included an offsite central low temperature chilled water plant with partial thermal storage, a displacement air system, bulk fuel storage for critical power generation, and a 4160 V primary distribution system.

After an economic crash, the telecom company for which the space was designed could no longer occupy the space, and the building was again repurposed – this time into residential units with some remaining commercial and telecommunications equipment areas. The large scope of the project – interior demolition and build-out, exterior renovations, construction of a new seven-story garage, and the addition of two stories to the main structure – along with the multiple end uses of the building required close coordination among the entire design team.

The residential area of the building consists of 298 units, ranging from 750 sf and 3,100 sf. The building amenities include a fitness center, retail spaces, and restaurants. While natural ventilation was the building’s original method of air conditioning, chillers, cooling towers, and boilers were installed to suit the comfort and individual control needs of the residential spaces.