Follett Headquarters

Westchester, Illinois

The consolidation of three of Follett Corporation’s Illinois offices into a new corporate headquarters became an opportunity to transform their workplace into a more collaborative environment. The headquarters features an open floor plan with workstations and teaming areas to foster collaboration and idea-sharing. Follett is embracing this collaborative work environment across all major business functions, including operations, IT, HR, and Marketing. The space also contains a demonstration area and media, editing, and photo rooms.

Follett’s flexible environment is supported by a slew of technologies. Along with MEP / FP design services, ESD provided IT Migration Planning and Management consulting to mitigate the risk involved in the move. With approximately 900 employees moving into nine floors, we provided professional leadership and coordination for a seamless and timely transition from their existing locations by identifying technology initiatives, generating a schedule, and developing guidelines for each system throughout the process.