Allstate Greenfield Data Center

Rochelle, Illinois

Objectives for the facility included risk management through reliability, sustainable design with a target of LEED Gold certification, ease of operation and maintenance, and flexibility for future growth.

The walls and roof of Allstate’s data center are designed to withstand an F1 tornado to support the protection of the facility’s valuable core. The mechanical and electrical design is based on Uptime Institute Tier III requirements to safeguard service continuity to Allstate’s customers and shareholders. Additionally, the storage area and data networks use diverse, redundant pathways to support this continuous power.

Sustainability measures incorporated into the facility’s design include the reduction of electrical power requirements, the deployment of visualized servers, and free cooling and heat recovery techniques. A consolidated building automation system (BAS) and electrical power monitoring system (EPMS) take measurements from all points in Allstate’s system. This allows facilities personnel to monitor the information in real-time and better maintain efficiency and pinpoint minor issues.

During design, ESD incorporated fit-for-purpose and fit-for-future strategies for the data center’s layout and operations, designating zones based on the equipment to provide a balanced system supporting the most efficient use of power and cooling. The data center’s design provides Allstate with a facility that uses less energy than comparable data centers, incorporates system redundancy, and provides the flexibility required to support their future growth and expansion plans.