Willis Tower Greening and Modernization

Chicago, Illinois

Over the past 25 years, our team of engineers has been involved in a variety of special projects in the Willis Tower building, such as the major renovation of all public spaces, interior tenant spaces, and retail and observation space build-outs. These renovations have enhanced the value of the property while significantly reducing operating expenses.

In conjuncture with Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), we developed a series of energy studies and renovations for consideration which would produce even more energy savings and improved occupant comfort. “Our goal in the Willis Tower greening project is to create a holistic approach that integrates high-performance building technologies and design strategies for maximum energy efficiency,” said Adrian Smith of AS+GG.

Modernization strategies included:

  • Efficiency improvements to the building’s envelope and windows
  • Daylight harvesting and advanced lighting control technologies
  • HVAC system upgrades
  • Elevator / escalator modernizations
  • Water efficiencies
  • Renewable power systems such as green roofs and solar panels

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