Federation of Korean Industries Headquarters

Seoul, South Korea

The winning team for the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) Headquarters design contest consisted of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Thornton Tomasetti, and ESD. Their winning design incorporated photovoltaic panels, a pressurized air distribution system, and a point-of-use domestic water heater system to meets FKI’s sustainability and renewable energy initiatives.

ESD performed an optimization analysis for the positioning and placement of the photovoltaic panels on the 50-story, 240 meter tall tower. This analysis resulted in a design that avoided placing panels in continuously shadowed areas of the building’s façade and uses a 30⁰ upward angle to maximize the amount of energy the panels collect from the sun. Just below the rows of panels, windows are angled 15⁰ toward the ground to minimize the direct sun radiation and glare while allowing in an abundance of natural light.

The underfloor air distribution system allows for greater temperature control and full flexibility for the workplace floor plan, as it is much more efficient to relocate a floor swirl diffuser than it would be to move conventional ductwork.

The building’s sustainable design received a First Grade Energy Rating in an independent review conducted by the Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT).