Navistar Corporate Headquarters

Lisle, Illinois

The former Alcatel-Lucent East campus sat vacant for years before Navistar invested in its repurposing into a headquarters and hub for their executive management, business operations, and product development teams. Modifications needed to be made to the existing conditions in order to provide Navistar with their research and engineering spaces, as well as labs and workstations for environmental testing, design, and prototyping.

The interior redevelopment of the campus included renovations of the infrastructure systems to accommodate the new design and vehicle review centers. These renovations included the replacement of the air handling system, retrofitting of the fire alarm system, reconfiguration of the chiller plant, and redevelopment of the campus lighting systems. A new building was constructed to house Navistar’s digital and physical modeling operation. An upgraded building automation system (BAS) platform was installed to allow for more efficient and thorough control of their heating, cooling, and lighting systems, campus wide.

Focused collaboration across the project team resulted in the successful transformation of the 1.2 million square foot campus – originally built for a telecommunications equipment company – into the corporate research and engineering headquarters for the heavy-duty vehicle and engine manufacturing company.