KPMG Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

KPMG’s changing work culture has led to the company’s implementation of revised office design standards throughout their national real estate portfolio. Their “office of the future” concept emphasizes collaboration, open workspace, and invigorating work environments for current and future employees.

KPMG’s Chicago office is one representation of the “office of the future” rollout. Flexible meeting spaces are incorporated throughout the office layout to encourage spontaneous collaboration. The office’s high-end conference center floor consists of advanced audiovisual systems, training facilities, and multi-purpose rooms. ESD modified the base-building reduced outside noise intrusion on this floor to provide a more conducive collaboration environment for the conference space.

Similar design concepts are being rolled out in KPMG offices across the US. ESD has rolled this concept out in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Denver, Detroit, Sacramento, Des Moines, and Seattle. KPMG leaders have received positive feedback from their employees and recruits on these revitalized environments.