Follett Corporation

Aurora, Illinois

Follett’s Corporate Social Responsibility extends to their real estate strategies including reductions in energy consumption and carbon footprint. Therefore, when they needed a redesign of their textbook and educational software warehouse to better accommodate office personnel, they pursued a power protection solution capable of delivering steady electrical power while meeting their sustainability objectives.

A flywheel clean technology energy solution was recommended for the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system to gracefully hand-off the facility’s full load to its generator if a power outage should occur. Other systems included infrastructure for a KIVA warehouse system to increase accuracy and efficiency of order fulfillment; ice storage technology incorporated into the cooling system, and an emergency generator for Follett’s data center.

The project was delivered in five phases to support uninterrupted operations for Follett throughout the entire renovation. This required extensive forethought and close communication across the entire project team. The sustainable strategies implemented in this renovation have contributed to Follett’s successful execution of the facility’s sustainability initiatives.