Chengdu Dongcun Greenland Tower

Chengdu, China

ESD’s PEP Studio provided MEP/FP and Building Controls engineering design and optimization modeling services for this geometrically distinctive mixed-use development.

Building systems are designed with high-efficiency features to achieve a LEED for Core and Shell Gold rating. These features include:

  • Gas-fired, high-efficiency condensing boilers with variable hot water distribution.
  • Double bundle heat recovery chillers.
  • Variable primary chilled water distribution.
  • Dedicated outdoor air systems.
  • Sensible energy recovery coils.
  • Variable air volume systems.
  • Cooling coil condensate recovery.
  • High-efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting.
  • Building-wide intelligent lighting controls.
  • Energy monitoring system.
  • Building Automation System.
  • Daylight harvesting.
  • High-efficiency motors and controls.
  • Automatic power factor correction.
  • Grey water recovery.
  • Low-flow lavatories and toilets.
  • Storm water recovery.