Burj 2020 District

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj 2020 District development, anchored by the Burj 2020 supertall tower, will be one of the most vibrant and spectacular mixed-use destinations in the Middle East.

Reaching a height of 531.25 meters with 111 stories, the landmark Burj 2020 Tower will be the tallest commercial building in the world. The tower sits on a 5-story podium above a 2-story basement. Retail spaces and open, naturally ventilated parking are housed in the podium, while below-grade space is dedicated to parking, and mechanical spaces. Five multi-level mechanical floors are spread out throughout the building in to serve all of the floors.

Surrounding the focal tower are zones of mixed-use. ESD’s PEP Studio is providing engineering design services for all seven buildings on the Burj 2020 District site.