Wuhan Greenland Center

Wuhan, China

ESD’s PEP Studio designed sustainable building systems features for this supertall (600+ meter-tall) office, residential, and hotel mixed-use tower with a LEED Gold rating goal.  The tapered body, softly rounded corners, and domed top of the 600+-meter-tall tower combine to reduce wind resistance and wind vortex action affecting supertall towers. The building’s efficient aerodynamic performance allows for reduced structural material, with associated embodied carbon, needed for construction.

Sustainable building system elements include: enthalpy wheel integrated into the ventilation system to capture building exhaust systems energy, which is used to pre-heat or pre-cool air; energy recovery chiller to pre-heat hotel domestic water; condenser water economizer for free cooling during winter months; recovery of cooling coil condensate for cooling tower make up water; greywater recovery system to take waste water from the hotel laundry, sinks, and showers for reuse in the building’s evaporative cooling system; and water-conserving low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce the total amount of required potable water and associated pumping energy.

A high-efficiency lighting system uses low-energy-consuming ballasts and lamps to reduce required power consumption, and a daylight-responsive control system automatically turns off electric lights when sufficient daylight is available.