Data Network System Design

The data network is the core infrastructure that so many systems depend on in a modern building, campus, or entire corporation. Because more and more systems and applications are depending on the data network, the progression of networking is happening at a rapid pace. ESD’s team is continuously researching and reviewing the latest trends, products, and configurations to educate our clients about new options that fit best for them.

A modern network has many components that make it function efficiently and securely. We offer the following services as part of the data network system design:

  • Local Area Network (Switching, Routing, Core, Distribution, Access)
  • Wide Area Network (Routing, Site-Site, Site-Multisite, MPLS, VPLS)
  • Data Center (Fabric, SDN, multi-tenant)
  • Network Security (Firewall, UTM, NAC, AAA)
  • Network Optimization and Management (Link/Load Balancing, Caching, Orchestration)
  • VLAN, IP Address, Port Configuration Database Design

We have designed data networks for a number of different types of use and scale including small businesses, large international corporations, buildings, campuses, schools, and data centers. Since we are vendor agnostic, we are able to recommend the best solutions without conflicting interests of selling products. Our team has the unique capability of customizing a design to meet the business critical requirements of the network while also developing a budget to be used for the project.