Building Automation System Design

At ESD, we provide strategies that enable your building’s technologies to integrate seamlessly and expand as your business grows. We provide solutions that go beyond your immediate needs and improve how your building “intelligently” functions.

A building automation system (BAS) monitors and controls independent mechanical, electrical, and technology systems to allow for a holistic approach to operating a building. With vendor neutrality and experience in a variety of different systems – electrical power monitoring, life safety and smoke controls, HVAC controls, lighting controls, and security systems – we can find a solution that best meets your needs.

Building Automation System Assessment

Retrofitting a building’s control systems can result in reduced energy use, improved operational efficiencies, lower costs, and improved tenant comfort. Our BAS Assessments determine potential flaws in your existing controls system, with a focused attention on reliability, business continuity, and energy efficiency. They are a cost-effective way to determine if the system is running on par with modern BAS systems that allow for remote monitoring, energy efficient control strategies, and competitive bidding.

Building Automation System Master Planning

A properly designed, installed, and maintained building control system contributes greatly to an indoor environment that is comfortable, safe, productive, and efficient. As technology advances at an accelerating pace, it can be a challenge for facility operation and maintenance personnel to keep their control systems updated, much less operating at peak effectiveness. Clients experience better control system solutions due to ESD’s extensive controls system experience and hands-on, field-tested expertise. We provide Controls Master Planning services that provide a roadmap for our clients and their current and future BAS needs.