Properly functioning systems result in an extended operating life and offer energy and operational efficiencies. Operational efficiency, budget, and schedule outcomes are improved when commissioning services are provided during schematic design, after buildings are constructed for system tuning, when systems are upgraded, and when there are significant increases in operating expenses.

ESD is a single source for knowledgeable commissioning consultants who are accredited in evaluating and validating building systems to ensure they are designed, installed, and tested to perform according to design intent for the owner’s operational needs.

Our professionals provide the following commissioning services:


LEED Commissioning is recognized by the USGBC as a way to earn credits toward LEED Certification and is divided into two options (levels). LEED Fundamental Commissioning is a pre-requisite requirement for all LEED projects. Starting in the design phase, the commissioning agent documents a building’s energy consuming systems, incorporating commissioning requirements into construction documents and verifying that the installation and performance of energy consuming systems meet client standards. LEED Enhanced Commissioning follows the same process but provides additional reviews and verification of design and energy system performance.

Mission Critical

The nature of mission critical facilities requires a higher level of analysis and verification across building systems for performance and redundancy. We offer certified commissioning agents who specialize in mission critical facilities and focus on system performance as well as system redundancy.


Systems commissioning fundamentals, ASHRAE energy audit principles, and cutting edge control strategies comprise the core of our Retro-commissioning practice. Our process is a combination of on-site commissioning and auditing, rigorous trend data review, and vetting of potential opportunities through engineering design and analysis. We focus on opportunities to deliver the largest potential energy savings impact and return on investment to the owner for every project.


Combining our use of cutting edge software technology with a proven approach to retro-commissioning offers owners of existing buildings a greater net operating income return for their investments in energy efficiency. Our Monitoring-based Commissioning practice leverages the power of data and modern building automation systems (BAS) to continuously identify energy efficiency opportunities, as well as provide the analysis necessary to make informed decisions and corrections. Through remote monitoring, our teams are able to analyze and provide feedback on system operation at any point in time, as well as any geographical location. Our relationships with many industry-leading software providers allow us to help our clients identify a service that fits best with their facility systems and energy management goals.

Health & Science

Building owners, operators, scientists, doctors, and patients place high importance on the quality of air and system reliability in their health and science facilities. We offer certified commissioning agents who specialize in health and science facilities focusing on air quality as well as system reliability.