Confidential Client

Newark, Delaware

The retrofit and expansion of this data center supported the high speed connectivity, reliability, and security required to provide their customers real-time financial data and efficient transactions. The project included a 34,000 sf infrastructure expansion adjacent to the data center as well as an infrastructure upgrade to 65,000 sf of the existing data center area.

The mechanical scope of the retrofit was based on switching the existing building air conditioning systems to a single chilled water system serving the operation center. The new infrastructure is 2(N+1) and includes twenty 750 kVA UPS modules, six 2250 emergency diesel generators, and four 900-ton chillers. The electrical density was increased from 75 w / sf to 125 w / sf and the design includes new electrical switchgear rooms to allow for growth in the electrical power requirements of the data center.

To support the client's reliability to their customers, all the new infrastructure was designed and installed with little to no downtime for the data center operations.