Data Realty

South Bend, Indiana

After “graduating” from Innovation Park at Notre Dame, Data Realty looked at a 52,000 sf building in the nearby Ignition Park. They wanted to stay in the area because of its competitive advantages, such as cost of power, the availability of fiber, and the region’s technical talent. ESD initially performed a feasibility study for their chosen property to identify its capability for repositioning into a data center, as well as developed the facility’s master plan based on this study.

The Greenfield data center’s design is modular so that it can be expanded as Data Realty’s needs increase. It contains over 15,000 sf of data center white space across three separate data center suites and is designed for over 2.25 MW of critical power and 1,000 tons of chilled water cooling. The chilled water system was designed mechanically and electrically to support the full critical load during a loss of water to the site, eliminating the requirement to add expensive condenser water storage. ESD also assisted in the building automation system (BAS) selection process.